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Our Probiotic Strain

Benefit from the world’s most documented respiratory probiotic strain – Streptococcus salivarius K-12®

At Probionet, we are excited to offer the world’s most documented respiratory (or oral) probiotic strain.

With scientific investigation and clinical trials, we continue to advance the science and strengthen the economic power of our strain. We invest in science not only through large clinical trials but also with innovative internal scientific research programs.

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Finished Product Formulation by Probionet

In order to better support the marketing efforts of our business partners, Probionet has always been focused on the development of finished product formulations

While we do understand innovative character in the development of unique and original probiotic products for our customers, potency and efficacy have always remained the key factors in our finished product formulationdevelopment.

A range of documented health benefits for all ages

We have decades of expertise in commercializing of probiotics for the human microbiome. 

Our probiotic strain provide a range of health benefits for people of all ages, ranging from babies to the elderly.

Streptococcus salivarius K-12®

The strain is supported by human clinical data, is safe for human consumption and is intellectual property protected.

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K-12® is a registered trademark of Probionet GmbH.

Research & Development

Our probiotic development is based on three technology fields:

icon stability

ensuring probiotic viability throughout the shelf life of pharmaceutical applications

icon efficacy

developing clinical programs ensuring efficacy in the desired delivery format

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expanding the range of product matrices for probiotic-OTC products

Our expertise is developing new fermentation methods via optimization of processes of probiotic cultures in order to prolong their vitality. We use our own processes and technologies for stabilization.

Our constant research on microorganisms selected for their specific beneficial action, and for its continual studies on their potential positive effects on human health. A team of researchers is committed to both explorative and applied research. Concerning the first field, studies are conducted towards the discovery of probiotics with different functionalities: in addition to the traditional beneficial support to the intestinal motility, our research team is investigating new strains, with specific metabolic properties.

Our competitive advantage

Delivering stable probiotics means that our end consumers can enjoy the clinical efficacious dose throughout the shelf-life of the product.

Our finished probiotic products are designed to last. Our entire production set-up is focused on providing our customers with stable solutions:

  • producing the probiotics in the most advance way possible without sacrificing stability and efficacy
  • selecting the clinical efficacious dosage, children and adult friendly galenic formats as well as primary packaging which can deliver the maximum protection of the in the final consumer product
  • recommending and maintaining ideal storage conditions

About us

We are a young company with dynamic growth and we aim at advancement and implementation of new biotechnological projects with high market potential. Our effort is searching for new ideas and bringing them to life. Our activities contain research, development and production of biotechnological products focused on pharmaceutical applications.

With the design of effective products we research with strains properties assured until the expiry date. This activity focuses on several fields: studies on probiotics, able to optimize probiotic cultures development, on finished products stability and effectiveness.

We, at Probionet merge in-depth knowledge of OTC product research and expertise to provide unmatched value to the pharmaceutical industry.

We are innovators with deep consumer insights and a broad product portfolio to support our partners turn challenges into profitabler business opportunities.

Our latest accomplishments are to bring successful European finished probiotic product brands to the Asian Market. Amongst the successful brand is the European leading probiotic product for upper respiratory tract infections (tonsillitis, pharyngitis and otitis media) in children.


Dear Colleagues and Friends

Please join me in warmly and officially welcoming Andreas Flórez to the Probionet team as our newest President.

Andreas will oversee all operational and strategic directions of the company. Our (Asian) Business Team will report directly to Andreas ensuring superior and effective product positioning in the (Asian) markets that has come to define our brands.

We’re incredibly excited to add Andreas with his outstanding leadership and communication skills to this already high-performing group. Andreas has a proven track record that perfectly qualifies him for his new role at Probionet. Prior to accepting the position, he was a member of the Bombardier Leadership Team in charge of Central Europe, Israel and China. He was deeply involved in business strategy, product portfolio development as well as stakeholder management. Before that, Andreas gained expertise in the field of international healthcare systems as Head of Communication for DMEA, Europe’s largest event for digital health products. Andreas studied in Germany and England, he holds a masters degree in politics and communications.

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to continuing our mutual success in the region,

Lukas Frank
CEO, Probionet

Andreas Florez

The reason why I have joined Probionet is simple:

I am impressed by the potential of the company’s innovative and well-balanced product portfolio that perfectly matches the demand in the Asian health sector. I see how clearly we can empower people continuing to strive to success and ultimately make the world a healthier place with our products. This spurs me on and I couldn’t think of any better source of inspiration.

It is an incredible honor for me to lead and serve this great company of ours.

Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you,
Andreas Flórez


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